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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Best Smell ever~!.........

Lemon Buttercream Hand soap by Bath and Body...........OMG~!  People in our house just keep washing their hands to smell it~!  lol
And no, this is not a paid endorsement.  Just sharing.


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Clubbing with TLC~!


Now serving ... September Holidays, Summer, starting to see some Halloween!

I have deleted the Artfire store......Artfire was just becoming too much of a pain with poor customer service.

ALL new goodies will be shared through MONTHLY CLUBS.  One small fee and you get all my creative ideas for that month.  You can sign up for one month or three months at a time.  Join at any time and start your 30 day trip into my creative mind.  

I will let you know when and how the old sets will be available.

You can check out the club deal ...... Remember...you can join at any time to begin your 30 days.

Just let me know if you have any questions.....but this will be quite the deal~!



I transferred one of my vintage images onto a white ceramic plant pot.  Love how these turn out.  I got the pot from the dollar store....so the whole project without the cost of the plant was 1.00 plus some ink.



Free Printable....

Monday, is "Day of the Cowboy"

I know you all know some little ones that are cowboys~!  


Deal of the Week....

For upcoming "Grandparents Day" which falls on September 11th this year.

Deal of the week for only $1.00.  Click on button below to purchase.

Let's Hunt....

There are a couple selected sets on SALE in the Store.....only until tomorrow......email me the name of your favorite set (out of the ones on sale) and I will email you back an exclusive TLC goodie.


New in Store.....

 Bees amd Blossoms

 Buds Forever

 God's Blessings

 Medley of Sayings 22

 Medley of Sayings 21

 Medley of Sayings 23

Vintage Bird Images

Check out all the new goodies.............

Friday, July 22, 2016

Free Printable Paper...

Today, 7-23 is Hot Dog Day~!  Yes please.  Either Dodger Dogs or NY Dirty water dogs.

Click on image then right click and save as...




 Lisa Lynn on the DT

 Lisa D on the DT

 Lynne on the DT

 Deanne on the DT

Lynne on the DT

Construction Update......

OK, so they FINALLY, just today,  got the ceiling put back up in my office, and all the pretty swirly texture, and the ceiling painted.......and anyone want to guess what happened next?......

Although I love Jennifer's answer....that I won the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes.....the workers in their infinite wisdom, after hearing me preach 10 times a day, and after reading all the signs upstairs.....turned on the water in the bathroom, and it flooded the downstairs again.  And the response....."don't worry, it can be fixed"  Think someone missed the point.